Premium sun protection

Our awnings protect against sun, heat and with attached valance to be blended. Angstrom VOSS offers the highest quality.
We will explain to you what sun protection with Angstrom VOSS means.

Protection against UV rays

Registration of specialist retailer

Do you want to add Angstrom VOSS products to your range? Or are you already a retailer of our products who is interested in supervising prospectively downloads and support materials? So, please do your free registration.

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Angstrom VOSS GmbH

Your partner for patented awning system components and aluminium casting! As certified specialist in fields of die casting, chill casting and with our own developped awning system, we have created a well-known brand over the past 50 years. We supply specialist retailers and companies for metal construction

with all kinds of components for the production of awnings up to complete awning assemblies. Please see: www.aluminium-giesserei.de For searching Angstrom VOSS-awnings as a private person, we kindly will let you know the nearest retailer.
Your Angstrom VOSS GmbH team


100% Angstrom VOSS-Products

Our awnings are 100% Angstrom VOSS-Products! In our own aluminium casthouse we can also manufacture individual products for you. Please contact us.

to the Angstrom VOSS aluminium casting house

Angstrom Automotive Group

Angstrom VOSS GmbH is the first European subsidiary of the Angstrom Automotive Group.

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